Whitemud Blog 2015

New Year's Resolutions

Posted: January 12, 2015
By: Dr Christie MacDonald

Ah the New Year, time to get our health back on track after the holiday season.  Many of us start off the New Year with a diet program and an exercise program.  After weeks, months or even years of little to no activity, our bodies can take a while to adapt to our new lifestyle.  You may experience back pain or neck pain, which can deter your continuation.  Your Edmonton Chiropractor can help relieve this pain to help you continue on your new journey.
Other ways to ensure that you stay on your new path, start off slowly.  Usually we are so determined and eager to get in shape we will start off too quickly, causing injuries, especially of the back or knees.  With injuries, it can stall your progress and lead to lack of motivation.  Your South Edmonton Chiropractor can help keep your body aligned to help prevent injuries.  Your Edmonton Chiropractor can also help show you the proper alignment for your exercises to help prevent injuries and keep you on your path. 
Along with showing you the proper alignment, your South Edmonton Chiropractor has posture classes.  These classes are a great thing to add to your new health regime.  Each posture class shows you a series of exercises that can help strengthen your postural muscles.  Not only will these exercises help better your posture which can help you feel strong, slimmer, and happier, they will help ensure you are in proper alignment when you are doing your exercise routine which can help prevent injuries.  To find when posture classes are scheduled, call 780-430-7549.
The most important thing is to remember that this is a lifestyle change…things aren’t going to change overnight, but stick with it and they will change.  Track your progress, either with pictures or measurements so when you are discouraged, you can look back on how much you have changed which can be a great motivator! Keep up your chiropractic adjustments to keep your spine align and good luck on the New You!