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Winter Weight Loss

Posted: November 28, 2013
By: Dr Christie MacDonald

As the colder, winter months come upon us, we tend to be less active, eat foods higher in fat and wear more clothing so we don’t notice the weight that we start to pack on.   Not only can that extra weight make us feel unattractive and want to hide under our bulky sweaters, it can also have adverse effects on our health.   Just a small amount of weight gain can start to affect our hearts, blood pressure, blood sugars, not to mention our well-being and self-confidence.  Having to carry around that additional weight can also start to cause lower back pain or knee pain.  By not allowing that extra winter weight to sneak up on you or losing any extra weight that may have built up over the years can have great benefits on your health.  Your Edmonton Chiropractor has many different options to help you stay active and healthy this winter, to learn more call 780-430-7549.

Winter is an excellent time to get outside and be active.  There are lots of fun and exciting winter sports for all ages and ability levels.  From snowboarding and skiing to ice skating and snowshoeing even making snow angels and snowmen, there options are endless.  By staying active this winter, you can help keep that winter weight off.  Regular visits to your South Edmonton Chiropractor can keep your spine align so you can enjoy all those activities without knee or back pain.  Your Chiropractor can also help you recover if some of the activities were a little too extreme for you.  Be sure to book in today by calling 780-430-7549.

Diet is a great way to help keep those winter pounds at bay.  In the cooler months we often crave foods higher in fat and sugar and there always seems to be lots of it to be found.  Before parties, eat a healthy dinner, this will help make it easier to avoid those tempting treats or at least keep you from eating too many.  Engage in lively conversation, when we are talking and having fun, we tend to eat less and enjoy ourselves more.  Opt for sparkling water over the high caloric alcohol drinks, alternate between the two.  This will help keep that winter weight off and to feel better the next day. 

For more tips on how to keep your diet healthy throughout the year, check out your Edmonton Chiropractor’s website at www.whitemudchiro.com The most important thing about winter is to enjoy it!  It happens every year, so why not get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season.  And by staying healthy and fit throughout the winter, getting away for a beach vacation is a lot more fun when you feel great in your bathing suit! 

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