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New Year New You - Benefits of Detoxes

Posted: December 30, 2013
By: Dr Christie MacDonald

Ah a new year, a chance to start fresh and new.  The busyness of the holidays is behind us and now we can focus on ourselves, getting ourselves back into a healthy routine.  This is a great time of year to do a detox.  There are many different levels of detoxes available to you, from gentle, simple detoxes where you just add a few drops of solution to your daily water to much more intense detoxes, where you change your diet and lifestyle to rid your body of toxins.  Your Edmonton chiropractor can help you decide which detox would best suit you, at 780-430-7549.
Not sure if you need to detox?  Here are a few signs that a detoxification is needed: unexplained headaches or back pain, memory failing, brittle nails and hair, frequent allergies, exposure to cleansing solvents, pesticides, diuretics and certain drugs.  During detoxification liver, kidney and blood purification occurs – this cannot happen during our regular eating habits.  Other advantages of doing a detox are: a strong immune system, a more balanced hormone system and the dependency on sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can be reduced.  For more information on the advantages of a detox program, check out www.whitemudchiro.com.
Simple things that you can do to start your detox, include eliminating refined sugars, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and saturated fats; all of which act as toxins in the body and can block the healing process. Also start looking at the products in your home, many of the cleaning products we use can be quite toxic and there are lots of “cleaner” alternatives that work just as well, if not better.  You can also dry-brush, use a tongue scrapper, drink lots of water, take Epsom salt baths and sweat – using a sauna or yoga.   All of these can be done in combination with a detox kit, available from your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.
While doing your detox, don’t forget about your chiropractic care and massage.  Both of these treatments can assist with your detox program and can help you and your body keep the effects of the detox longer.  Chiropractic adjustments keep the nervous system functioning at its best, this ensures all organs are functioning properly, including the liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs and skin to help rid the body of toxins.  Massage therapy works on increasing the blood and lymph flow in the body to help keep the toxins from building up in your body.  Book your appointment with your Edmonton Chiropractic and Massage clinic today at 780-430-7549.
For more information check out www.whitemudchiro.com