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Building a Strong Foundation

Posted: April 30, 2014
By: Whitemud Crossing Chiropractor

With May being posture month, now is a great time to talk about how we can strengthen and improve our posture.  Having a strong foundation is important in helping relieve and avoid back pain.   So many injuries, especially in the lower back are due to having a weak posture, this is not uncommon in today’s world.  Most of our day is spent sitting, we sit on our way to work, sit for most of the day at work, come home and sit on the couch.  Then the weekend comes and we want to be active and often push too hard, causing neck and back pain.  Your Edmonton Chiropractor can help you, not only relieve this neck and back pain, your chiropractor can also teach you exercises to help strengthen your postural muscles to help prevent the injuries in the first place.  Call your South Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549 to book your appointment today.
Ensuring that your spine is inline with regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep your posture strong.  Once your Edmonton chiropractor has aligned your spine, they can start to show you how to strengthen your posture with a variety of exercises.  If you have had an injury, your South Edmonton Chiropractor can adapt the exercises to suit your needs, as you build a stronger foundation, your exercises will change and you will be able to hold your chiropractic adjustments longer.  For more information, please check your Edmonton Chiropractor’s website at www.whitemudchiro.com
Strengthening your posture will not only relieve and prevent lower back pain, but it also help you live longer and look younger.  As we age, we tend to start to slump, this is usually from our seditary lifestyle; however, by keeping our posture strong, we will appear to look younger as we stand up taller.  A strong posture helps live longer, by ensuring that we are getting enough oxygen.  If we have weak posture, our lungs cannot fill to capacity and our bodies do not function at their best.  By standing up taller and stronger, our lungs can fill up completely and oxygen can be distributed throughout our body.  Your Edmonton chiropractor offers posture classes, often included in your initial exam or for a very minimal cost.  To find out more about these classes or how a chiropractor can help with your posture, please call your South Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.

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