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The Benefits of Orthotics

Posted: June 4, 2014
By: Whitemud Crossing Chiropractor

If you are a back pain sufferer, you have probably tried almost everything to help gain relief.  Your south Edmonton Chiropractor can help relieve some of the pain with regular adjustments.  Chiropractors will also look at the source of the back pain to help stop it all together.  Often the source of the back pain, neck pain or even headaches, can start from the ground up – your feet. 
Issues that arise in the feet can often be reflected elsewhere in the body first.  For example, collapsed arches or flat feet can be a common cause of knee pain or even back pain.  Collapsed arches can occur from wearing high heels, ageing, weight gain or can be inherited.    Different leg lengths can cause a tilt in the pelvis, which can also lead to lower back pain.  Your Edmonton chiropractor can evaluate these conditions and help find relief.  Call your chiropractic today to book your appointment to find out how they can help you.
One of the ways we can relieve foot pain, which can relieve back pain, is custom orthotics.  These are insoles that are biomechanically designed for your specific imbalance.  Custom orthotics work similarly to glasses, they reduce the stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into alignment.   While there are insoles that can be purchased at many drug stores, because everyone’s feet are unique, these insoles may not provide the relief that you are looking for.  Your south Edmonton chiropractor can look at your feet and create an orthotic just for you!  Call today to find out how a custom orthotic can help relieve not only your foot pain, but back pain, neck pain and even headaches 780-430-7549.
Your feet are the foundation of your body, they support you, they move you and yet we often abuse them.  Walking or standing on hard surfaces all day, shove them into shoes that are too tight or too high, pound them on pavement for kilometers on a daily basis.  We ignore foot pain to sacrifice looking good or to continue what we enjoy, hiking, walking around the city and much more.  However, we should not ignore that pain, as it is the start of much more.  If we treat our feet right, they will carry us through the rest of our days happy and pain free.  For more information, ask your Edmonton chiropractor at www.whitemudchiro.com