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Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Posted: July 2, 2014
By: Whitemud Crossing Chiropractor

It is Monday morning and your Edmonton chiropractor’s phone is ringing off the hook.  This is a common occurrence, especially this time of year.  With summer’s longer days, many of us tend to become very busy over weekend, doing things that we wouldn’t normally do on a day to day basis.  These things often include gardening all day, sports tournaments and runs.  Many of us spend most of our day sitting behind a desk with very little activity, when the weekend rolls around, we are anxious to get outside and get involved, however, as we age, our bodies do not respond the way they use to, causing us injuries and pain, especially in the lower back and knees. 
One of the ways to avoid the Monday morning pain is to properly warm up.  Jumping right into the activity can be hard on your body, taking the time to warm up the muscles and to stretch them after the activity can go a long way in preventing injuries.   When stretching, ensure that you hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and don’t bounce.  Another way to avoid the stiffness and lower back pain, is to take regular breaks, this is very effective for gardening.  Do a section, then take a break and switch activities.  Often it is the repetitive motion or stance that can cause the knee pain or lower back pain.  Listen to your body, do not “push through” the pain, if you are starting to feel stiff or sore, change tasks.  Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated! If you are looking for the best type of stretches for the type of activity that you are going to take part in, check with your South Edmonton Chiropractor at whitemudchiro.com.  
Another effective way is to start doing exercises throughout the week that help keep your core strong.  Your Edmonton chiropractor offers classes that teach exercises that are designed specifically for your core.  These exercises are usually easy and quick to do.  Having a good strong core, helps you stabilize your body and can help prevent injuries and back pain.  Call your Edmonton Chiropractor today at 780-430-7549 to learn more about these classes.
Physical activity is excellent for the body and the mind, it is important however to ensure the physical activity doesn’t do more harm than good.  Use these tips to help keep your weekends busy and ensure that come Monday morning you are still feeling your best!  For more information on Weekend Warrior or any other back and neck pain issues, call your South Edmonton Chiropractor today!   

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