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Backpack Saefty

Posted: September 1, 2014
By: Whitemud Crossing Chiropractor

It is September, the start of a new school year.  When you are out buying all your new school supplies and clothes, remember that your back pack can be very important to your spinal health.  Wearing a backpack that is too heavy, the wrong size or incorrectly worn can have long term impacts on your child’s spine.   Your Edmonton chiropractor can assess your child’s spine and help prevent back pain in the future, call them at 780-430-7549.
When looking at purchasing a new backpack, there are a few things that you can do.  Look for backpacks made of light-weight materials such as nylon and canvas.  Ensure that the straps are at least two inches wide and have a little bit of padding and are contoured will help prevent nerve compression.  Bags that have many compartments will help keep objects from shifting.  Hip straps can help relieve some of the weight off of your child’s spine.  Pick a backpack that is more functional than stylish.  Your South Edmonton Chiropractor can help you with the best backpack for you.
Now that you have picked a functional backpack, how you pack your bag can make a big difference.   Elementary school children should only carry 10% of their body weight, middle school and high school children can carry 15% of their body weight.  This usual equates to lunch and 2-3 textbooks.   Pack heaviest items at the bottom and closest to the body, this keeps the natural center of gravity.  When heavy items are away from the body, it create gait, postural and mobility problems.   And remember each night to empty the bag of unnecessary items.   Use these tips to help prevent forward head posture, back pain and other spinal issues.  For more information, check out www. whitemudchiro.com, your local Edmonton chiropractor’s website.
The last few tips are how to wear your backpack.  When putting the bag on your back, place it on a desk or table and place one arm through the strap, then the other, try not to twist or swing.  Once it is on your back, use both straps, ensure they are tightened and the bag is close to the body.   The bottom of the bag should be at the waist and not slung down over the buttocks.   If you are unsure of how to wear your backpack, the chiropractors in south Edmonton at 780-430-7549 would be more than happy to help you out.
Because the primary users of backpacks are growing children, it is important to create good habits early in life to help prevent future neck and back pain.  Your Edmonton Chiropractor can check your child’s spine and keep their spinal health in check.  Book your spinal assessment today at 780-430-7549.