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Your Foot Health

Posted: August 19, 2015
By: Whitemud Crossing Chiropractor

Feet, we spend most of our lives on our feet.  Usually we don’t really think about them, maybe the shoes or socks that we think look nice, but not really about the feet themselves.  However, when our feet are sore, they are all we can think about.  Foot pain can affect so many other things in our lives, the type of footwear we choose, our transportation, our recreational activities and so much more.  It is best to prevent foot pain before it starts.   Your Edmonton Chiropractor offers Custom Orthotics, designed specifically for you and your feet.  
Custom Orthotics can be designed for your lifestyle.  There are orthotics for work boots, athletic shoes, hockey skates, dress shoes, and much more.  Whatever your lifestyle, there is an orthotic designed for you.  Your Edmonton chiropractor can show you all the options open to you.  There are even sandals with orthotics built in right into them so you can continue with your foot care throughout the summer.  
Orthotics can help prevent and alleviate with a variety of foot and ankle ailments, including plantar fasciitis , hammer toes, heel spurs.  They do this by ensuring the bones in the bone and ankle are aligned.  Along with these foot issues, orthotics can help, knee pain, lower back pain, and even neck pain.  Ask your Edmonton Chiropractor today if orthotics are right for you!  
Most insurance companies will cover the cost of Custom Orthotics every few years.  Some orthotic companies even include a warranty if you lose or break your orthotics.  There is even an option to have the children’s orthotics (under 18) will replace outgrown orthotics within the two year warranty at no charge!  This is an excellent way to help children’s feet grow with less possibility of foot issues in the future.  Call your Edmonton Chiropractor today for your no charge gait scan today!