Chiropractors & Staff

Dr. Christie MacDonald, Family Chiropractor

Dr. Christie MacDonald Dr. Christie MacDonald always knew that she wanted to be in the health and wellness field.  She discovered chiropractic after hearing a Chiropractor speak at a job fair, from then on she knew this was the career for her and never looked back.   Dr. Christie graduated from Canadian Chiropractic Memorial College in 1997.

Along with adjusting people, Dr. Christie has completed her Animal Chiropractic course. She adjusts a variety of animals including dogs and horses.  Dr. Christie is an animal lover and this allows her to combine her two passions, chiropractic and animals.

Dr. Christie spends her spare time on her acreage with her husband, Spencer,her son, Anders, and dog, Tux.

Dr. Ken Bergquist, Family Chiropractor

Dr. Ken Bergquist has been in practice since 1988.  He was able to practice at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors from 2009-2013 while also operating a company that eliminates injuries in the workplace.  After taking a one year hiatus to shore up the industrial projects, Dr. Ken is happy to be back with the team at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors.  He sees patients several times a week and still has his hand in injury prevention within the workplace, allowing him to find a great balance.  Dr. Ken looks forward each day to adding his energy to the clinic and to the patients we serve. 


Dr. Melissa Gallant, Family Chiropractor

Southeast Edmonton Chiropractor Dr. Melissa has always had a passion for health, but first discovered Chiropractic while working as a Chiropractic Assistant at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors.  She fell in love with the profession and decided she wanted to continue her education in order help and care for patients the way she saw them helped and cared for everyday. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at the University of Alberta in 2010, then left for Dallas, Texas to go to chiropractic school.  Dr. Melissa graduated from Parker University in 2013 and came back to Edmonton to rejoin the Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors family.  In her free time away from the office, Dr. Melissa enjoys being active; particularly playing soccer and practicing yoga.

Dr. David Schippel, Family Chiropractor

Dr. David Schippel was born and raised in Windsor Ontario and graduated from the University of Windsor in 1991.  Dr. Dave earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1999.  He practiced in Detroit, Michigan for a year before moving back to Windsor, Ontario to open his Chiropractic Rehab Clinic.  Dr. Dave volunteered to be a team chiropractor for the Windsor AKO Fratman junior football club and the Essex 73's Junior.



Dr. Marty Spiller, Family Chiropractor

Dr. Marty learned the power of chiropractic well before being a chiropractor!

While he was studying at the University of Manitoba to obtain his Bachelor of Science Degree, Dr. Marty decided to pursue a career in chiropractic after seeing how the profession helped his grandfather.  His grandfather had a shoulder problem and had used the medical approach for assistance.  After a number of medical doctor visits and invasive tests, they could not help him or figure out what was causing his pain.  He finally decided to see a chiropractor after being very frustrated.  The chiropractor corrected his shoulder problem and his pain was completely gone.  This amazed Dr. Marty!

As Dr. Marty started to receive chiropractic care he noticed that he was rarely sick.  When he was 20 years of age, he was very ill from a severe form of mononucleosis.  Since then, Dr. Marty would seem to catch every cold or virus that was going around.  As he got adjusted over time, his immune system became stronger than it had ever been before.  He feels it gets better every year.  

Before entering into Chiropractic College, he decided to observe his family's chiropractor treat his patients to learn more about what chiropractic practice is like.  Dr. Marty could not believe how powerful the care was.  He was amazed, listening to all of his chiropractor`s patients` success stories.  Dr. Marty's entire family started to see his family chiropractor after he helped his Grandfather.  Dr. Marty remembers one particular case where a woman had a drooping eyelid. The chiropractor adjusted her neck and the eyelid opened up immediately after.  He saw how a pinched nerve from the spine can shut down any area of your body.  That is how serious spinal misalignments can be, as they can disturb organ function. 

In 1997, Dr. Marty graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in Bloomington, Minnesota.  He feels that he received a very well-rounded education as his professors were a mixture of chiropractors, medical doctors, pharmacists, etc.  It was a very intense four year program.  Often, the public is not aware about how much education chiropractors receive. 

Over the years Dr. Marty has gained a lot of clinical experience as he has worked in multiple clinical settings.  He was the chiropractor for the Winnipeg Goldeyes Professional Baseball team for 2 years.  He has worked on numerous athletes over the years, however, his practice is mainly a family one.  He sees infants all the way to senior in their 80's and 90's.

Dr. Marty has 3 beautiful children, whom he has been adjusting since birth.  His middle son had bowel issues in the past which was helped greatly from chiropractic.  He feels the most proud to be a chiropractor when adjusting infants; this is because he can keep them healthy from the very beginning before any damage can build up in their spine. 

"So, here I am today!  I have been practicing for 20 years.  I moved to Alberta to practice in 2006.  All of my prior years as a Chiropractor were spent in my home city, Winnipeg."

Dr. April Ruzycki, Family Chiropractor

Starting December 2018

Bio coming soon!!

Josh Lockert, Registered Massage Therapist

Josh is the Shockwave Therapist at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors. He graduated from Grant MacEwan University in June 2013. He is a Registered Massage Therapist with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada and trained with Uran Berisha to become a Shockwave Therapist.  Josh is a friendly lad and will do whatever he can to help you feel better and live your daily life without pain. He knows that knowledge is key and he is continually expanding his areas of expertise to be able to treat his clients in a more effective and efficient experience. Josh loves being able to use these skills with all clients and isn’t afraid to work with all kinds of aches and pains. He knows that every body can be worked on!


Damarius Sealey, Registered Massage Therapist

Damarius began professionally practicing massage in March 2018, and graduated from the 3000 hour massage program at Makami in August. She has always wanted to pursue a career in the health care field and found Massage therapy to be a perfect fit. 

Damarius is a strong believer in the power of relaxation, and is passionate about promoting self care in others. 

Damarius looks forward to many future learning opportunities and expanding her field of knowledge to become a better therapist in the coming years.

Sharleen Heinrichs, Registered Massage Therapist

Sharleen has been a Registered Massage Therapist for 10 years. Although most of her comprehensive training and experience has been focused on rehabilitation and posture correction, she also appreciates the power of a relaxation massage. She uses a variety of techniques, however has found that a fusion of Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, and Joint Mobilizations has been favoured over the years. Finding the right combination for each individual client is one of the main reasons being an RMT continues to be a fun and rewarding career for Sharleen.  Currently, she is in school at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition for a Certification in Holistic Nutrition.  

In addition to 2200 hours of massage training with a Level II in Sports Massage, she has a Reiki Master Certification, has obtained Craniosacral Level II and also provides continuing education for Aromatherapy.

Xiaobo Chen, Registered Acupuncturist

Nisku Alberta Chiropractic

Xiaobo joined the Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors team as a Certified Acupuncturist in 2010.  She trained in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical Science in China, graduating in 1990.  Xiaobo came to Edmonton in 2006, completed her Certification of Acupuncture Safety and became a Registered Acupuncturist in Alberta.  She has extensive experience in Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments along with experience with various pain, sports injuries and musculoskeletal complaints.>

Lisa McKenzie, Office Manager, Clinical Chiropractic Assistant and Wellness Coach 

Acupuncture Edmonton AlbertaLisa re-joined the team at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors in January 2010.  When the opportunity to come back as a Chiropractic Assistant came up, she jumped at the chance as she found she missed the clinic and the patients.  She has completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology with  a minor in English Literature.  With this background, she pursued her interest in Educational Tourism working in a variety of places, including The Legislature and The Tyrrell Museum. Once she discovered chiropractic, she realized that was in alignment with her health care philosophies and wanted to educate people about how it can help them.  Lisa is committed to creating an environment where patients can "get well and stay well".  In her spare time, Lisa can be found outside hiking or with her nose in a book. 

Posture is another one of Lisa's passions, she runs free posture classes where patients are shown exercises to help strengthen their posture and hold their adjustments, every second Monday night.

Laurie Pawlick, Chiropractic Assistant

pregnancy chiropractic Devon Alberta CanadaAs a passionate advocate of Chiropractic care, Laurie has seen both sides of the clinic experience, as a long term patient and as valued team member in several Chiropractic offices.  She has an extensive nutritional background and has participated as both a life and parenting coach. Laurie was raised in a holistic family and has been able to pass on the many positive lifestyle choices to her family by ensuring they get their adjustments and live the chiropractic lifestyle.  In her spare time, Laurie is a mixed media artist.


Chalice Stewart, Chiropractic Assistant

Chalice joined our team in the fall 2017. Hired for a temporary position, she discovered quickly how much she loved the atmosphere and the patients in the clinic. So was overjoyed when given the opportunity to stay on. 

Chalice has enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic since high school.  Her children have all had the good fortune of being adjusted since they were just a few hours old.  When she is not in the office Chalice is out taking pictures or enjoying time with her husband and three teen children.

Melissa Armstrong, Chiropractic Assistant

Melissa has joined our family as a Chiropractic Assistant.  Having a passion for Natural Health and Well-Being, she loves being a part of our clinic and coming in each day.  Melissa has a gentle spirit, a very big heart, and is looking forward to building her knowledge of Holistic Health.  Melissa is a strong advocate for Chiropractic care and has been benefiting from regular treatments.  Her busy life keeps her active and enthusiastic with many interests, but if you were to ask her what her favourite thing in life is, she would have to say it is being a mother.


Talisa Sloan, Chiropractic Assistant

Talisa was raised and still lives on a farm outside of the city.  She has a great love for animals, the outdoors, and spending time with her large family.  She keeps an active lifestyle by spending  a lot of her spare time on the ice, as she is a competitive figure skater.  Talisa graduated from Grant MacEwan University in 2013 with a Diploma in Travel and Tourism, which she puts to good us as she travels to as many destinations as possible around the world.  Talisa is happy to join the staff at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors as it is such a warm and welcoming environment where the main focus is helping people feel their best, which is something she looks forward to every single day. 

Rebecca Lavoie, Chiropractic Assistant

Rebecca moved to Edmonton in 2015. From a young age, she had been fascinated with science and how the body worked, deciding to pursue a career in the medical field she went to college to study medical office administration. After graduating college with honours she joined us at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors as a chiropractic assistant. Since joining the team, Rebecca has seen the benefits of chiropractic care through patients and through personal experience. After suffering for years with debilitating headaches every day she has finally found relief thanks to regular adjustments. On her days off Rebecca can be found outside or on the water enjoying what life has to offer. She also spends time creating art,  teaching others about essential oils, and hanging out with her cat Mango whom she adopted in 2017.

  In Memory of Lesley Camisa

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