WhiteMud Blog http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blogwhitemud-blog.html en-us NYK RSS Feeder Your Foot Health http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2015/8/19/your-foot-health/ Wed, 19 Aug 2015 15:00:00 -0400<p>Feet, we spend most of our lives on our feet. &nbsp;Usually we don&rsquo;t really think about them, maybe the shoes or socks that we think look nice, but not really about the feet themselves. &nbsp;However, when our feet are sore, they are all we can think about. &nbsp;Foot pain can affect so many other things in our lives, the type of footwear we choose, our transportation, our recreational activities and so much more. &nbsp;It is best to prevent foot pain before it starts. &nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor offers Custom Orthotics, designed specifically for you and your feet. &nbsp;<br /> Custom Orthotics can be designed for your lifestyle. &nbsp;There are orthotics for work boots, athletic shoes, hockey skates, dress shoes, and much more. &nbsp;Whatever your lifestyle, there is an orthotic designed for you. &nbsp;Your Edmonton chiropractor can show you all the options open to you. &nbsp;There are even sandals with orthotics built in right into them so you can continue with your foot care throughout the summer. &nbsp;<br /> Orthotics can help prevent and alleviate with a variety of foot and ankle ailments, including plantar fasciitis , hammer toes, heel spurs. &nbsp;They do this by ensuring the bones in the bone and ankle are aligned. &nbsp;Along with these foot issues, orthotics can help, knee pain, lower back pain, and even neck pain. &nbsp;Ask your Edmonton Chiropractor today if orthotics are right for you! &nbsp;<br /> Most insurance companies will cover the cost of Custom Orthotics every few years. &nbsp;Some orthotic companies even include a warranty if you lose or break your orthotics. &nbsp;There is even an option to have the children&rsquo;s orthotics (under 18) will replace outgrown orthotics within the two year warranty at no charge! &nbsp;This is an excellent way to help children&rsquo;s feet grow with less possibility of foot issues in the future. &nbsp;Call your Edmonton Chiropractor today for your no charge gait scan today!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> A Stress Free Holiday http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/12/17/a-stress-free-holiday/ Wed, 17 Dec 2014 17:14:04 -0500<p>We are getting down to the crunch time it is one week until Christmas.&nbsp; Many of us have a variety of parties, concerts, and other events we have been invited to.&nbsp;&nbsp; Along with all of the social events, we are busy trying to buy and wrap gifts, decorate and much more.&nbsp; With all these things, often we forget about taking care of ourselves, abandoning our routine thinking that we do not have the time to work out, eat healthy, sleep, or see the chiropractor.&nbsp; This can lead to us getting sick, sore necks and backs, and headaches, not a way to spend your holiday.&nbsp; Here are a few tips to help you get through the holiday season healthy, happy, and relatively stress-free.<br /> Keep up with your exercise routine, even if it is reduced.&nbsp; Exercise is a great stress reducer, can keep your waistline in check, especially with extra temptations around and can help keep you feeling your best.&nbsp; A quick routine at home can help keep you on track without taking too much of your time.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can show you a routine that can help not only keep your back pain at bay, but keep your body in shape.&nbsp; For more information, check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a><br /> With the parties, buying, wrapping, and assembling gifts, often our sleep gets shorter than it should.&nbsp; Sleep is when our bodies repair, not only the body, but the brain as well.&nbsp; Lack of sleep can affect our mentally capacity making things harder than they should be, which can make things take longer than they normally would, causing us to stay up later to complete them and the cycle continues.&nbsp; Instead of trying to do everything in one night, try going to bed a little earlier.&nbsp; Having a good night&rsquo;s sleep, you will wake up more refreshed and ready for the day, able to complete all the tasks needed.&nbsp;<br /> Try to take time for yourself, book a massage to ease those aches and pains away, perhaps for after the Christmas season for something to look forward to.&nbsp; Keep up with your chiropractic care, as regular chiropractic adjustments can keep you feeling your best, so you can keep up with all the holiday needs.&nbsp; No one wants to go through the holidays with headaches, or neck or back pain.&nbsp; Call your Edmonton Chiropractic and Massage today at 780-430-7549.&nbsp;<br /> Finally, remember that everything will work out perfectly.&nbsp; Take time to enjoy the parties, the children, the lights and other festivities.&nbsp; Don&rsquo;t get so focused on things being perfect that you miss out!&nbsp;<br /> Happy Holidays!<br /> &nbsp;</p> There is No Such Thing as a Normal Headache http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/11/27/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-normal-headache/ Thu, 27 Nov 2014 18:15:00 -0500<p>Headaches may be a common experience, however they are not normal.&nbsp; Every headache has a reason or a cause.&nbsp; Unfortunately the most common way of dealing with a headache is to mask the pain with medications.&nbsp; There is a very large market of headache medications, very powerful drugs that do not get to the root of the problem, only numb the nervous system so the pain cannot be felt.&nbsp; While most headaches are not normally a sign of anything major, pain is your body&rsquo;s way of saying that something is not right! Your Edmonton chiropractor can help you find the cause of your headache to not only relieve the pain, but keep it from coming back.&nbsp; Contact us at 780-430-7549.<br /> So what are some causes of headaches?&nbsp; Mild headaches can be cause by the &ldquo;morning after&rdquo; excess smoking, drinking or eating the night before.&nbsp; Others can be caused by eye strain, hunger, improper lighting, constipation, daily pressure, excessive noise, hormone imbalance, just to name a few.&nbsp; In some rare cases, headaches can be the result of a much more serious issue.&nbsp; Your South Edmonton Chiropractor will conduct an examination to help determine the cause of the headache.&nbsp; By finding the root cause and addressing it, your Edmonton Chiropractor can help keep your headaches from coming back.&nbsp;<br /> Chiropractors are aware that headaches are the body&rsquo;s way of alerting us that there is muscle tension and irritation of the nerves and blood vessels in the neck.&nbsp; Physical, emotional and chemical stress can cause the cervical vertebrae (neck bones) to become misaligned.&nbsp; This misalignment can cause the nerves in the neck to become irritated, or even cause minor constriction in some of the vessels that supply the blood to the brain, causing headaches.&nbsp; After your examination, your Edmonton Chiropractor can remove this interference, thus relieving the headache.&nbsp; For more information <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.<br /> Every individual and every headache is unique.&nbsp; Some individuals may experience relief quickly, while others may experience a decrease in symptoms over time.&nbsp; Chiropractic is not aspirin, your body may take time to readjust.&nbsp; Just like going to the gym once, doesn&rsquo;t get you in shape, it can take time to get your body to heal.&nbsp; Your health is your South Edmonton Chiropractor&rsquo;s number one goal and may offer special instructions or recommendations for your headache. If they are unable to find the cause of your headaches, they will refer you to a specialist, that can work with them.&nbsp; Remember headaches may be common, but are not normal!&nbsp; Get your neck checked by your Edmonton Chiropractor today 780-430-7549.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Seasonal Affect Disorder and Chiropractic http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/11/3/seasonal-affect-disorder-and-chiropractic/ Mon, 03 Nov 2014 13:38:43 -0500<p>As winter approaches, many people can start to feel SAD, or seasonal affect disorder.&nbsp; This can be very common here in Alberta as we have long nights and while our days can be sunny, they are often short or too cold to go outside.&nbsp; There are quite a few people that suffer with SAD that don&rsquo;t even realize it.&nbsp; Symptoms of SAD include lack of motivation, disturbed sleep patterns, change of appetite, and some experience muscle tension, headaches and back aches.&nbsp; Besides moving to the tropics for the winters, your Edmonton chiropractor has a few tips that you can do to help enjoy winter again.<br /> One of the best things you can do is to get out and enjoy the outdoors!&nbsp; There are lots of enjoyable winter activities that you can partake in such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding and so much more.&nbsp; Getting outside and experiencing winter is an excellent way to combat SAD.&nbsp; Some winter activities are more ambitious than others, be sure to book your appointment with your South Edmonton Chiropractor to keep your body in shape from any falls or spills that you might experience.&nbsp; Don&rsquo;t forget about your Edmonton Massage Therapist who can help work out those tight and sore muscles so you can enjoy your favourite sport again!&nbsp; Call today at 780-430-7549.<br /> We understand that not everyone is an outdoor enthusiast.&nbsp; There are still things that you can do to enjoy the winter season.&nbsp; Some evidence has shown that lack of Vitamin D in the winter months can contribute to SAD.&nbsp; Vitamin D is made naturally by our bodies when exposed to sunlight; however in the winter months, with the short, cold days, often we do not receive enough.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can give your more information about Vitamin D and its benefits, including reducing inflammation and increasing the immune system.&nbsp; Check out whitemudchiro.com for more information.<br /> And of course keeping up with your chiropractic adjustments will help keep you feeling energetic throughout the winter season. Your Edmonton chiropractor can not only keep headaches, neck pain, and back pain under control, they can keep you feeling healthy and happy throughout the winter season.&nbsp; Chiropractors ensure that the nervous system is functioning at its best, SAD is a form of stress that can cause subluxations or blockages in the nervous system, causing you to feel tired or depressed.&nbsp; Your South Edmonton Chiropractor can keep your nervous system free of these subluxations, allowing you to feel like yourself throughout the dark winter months.&nbsp; Call 780-430-7549 for your appointment today!&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p> Staying Healthy with Chiropractic http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/10/2/staying-healthy-with-chiropractic/ Thu, 02 Oct 2014 19:05:58 -0400<p>Cold and flu season is upon us, again.&nbsp; Why is it that some of us seem to get every little bug and virus that is going around, while others breeze through this season with barely a sniffle?&nbsp; The answer might be easier than you think.&nbsp; Many of us think of chiropractic for only neck and back pain, yet there is so much more to chiropractic than relieving pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can help you be one of those lucky people who seem to avoid most colds and flus and can recover quickly if they do come down with something.<br /> In a study done in New York over a course of three years, it was found that patients who were under regular chiropractic care for over 5 years had immune systems that were 200% more resistant than those patients who were not under chiropractic care.&nbsp; This increased immune system did not diminish with age.&nbsp; South Edmonton Chiropractors can help you increase your immune system.<br /> Why, is chiropractic helpful for increasing immunity?&nbsp; The immune system, just like every other system in our bodies, is controlled by the nervous system, which is made up by the brain and nerves.&nbsp; When a bacteria or virus enters our bodies, the brain sends out a response through the nervous system to fight off the intruder.&nbsp; If the nervous system is not functioning properly, the messages may get mixed up or not there at all, allowing the bacteria or virus to take over.&nbsp; When this occurs, it is called subluxation or nerve interference.&nbsp; Chiropractic care, removes the subluxation or nerve interference allowing the nervous system to function at 100%.&nbsp;<br /> This cold and flu season, call your Edmonton Chiropractor for more than just neck and back pain.&nbsp; Getting regular adjustments can help you too be one of those people who rarely get sick.&nbsp; If you are sick, don&rsquo;t cancel your chiropractic appointment, it may just help you fight off that virus.&nbsp; Call and book with your South Edmonton Chiropractor today!<br /> &nbsp;</p> Backpack Saefty http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/9/1/backpack-saefty/ Mon, 01 Sep 2014 13:11:10 -0400<p>It is September, the start of a new school year.&nbsp; When you are out buying all your new school supplies and clothes, remember that your back pack can be very important to your spinal health.&nbsp; Wearing a backpack that is too heavy, the wrong size or incorrectly worn can have long term impacts on your child&rsquo;s spine.&nbsp;&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can assess your child&rsquo;s spine and help prevent back pain in the future, call them at 780-430-7549.<br /> When looking at purchasing a new backpack, there are a few things that you can do.&nbsp; Look for backpacks made of light-weight materials such as nylon and canvas.&nbsp; Ensure that the straps are at least two inches wide and have a little bit of padding and are contoured will help prevent nerve compression.&nbsp; Bags that have many compartments will help keep objects from shifting.&nbsp; Hip straps can help relieve some of the weight off of your child&rsquo;s spine.&nbsp; Pick a backpack that is more functional than stylish.&nbsp; Your South Edmonton Chiropractor can help you with the best backpack for you.<br /> Now that you have picked a functional backpack, how you pack your bag can make a big difference.&nbsp;&nbsp; Elementary school children should only carry 10% of their body weight, middle school and high school children can carry 15% of their body weight.&nbsp; This usual equates to lunch and 2-3 textbooks.&nbsp;&nbsp; Pack heaviest items at the bottom and closest to the body, this keeps the natural center of gravity.&nbsp; When heavy items are away from the body, it create gait, postural and mobility problems.&nbsp;&nbsp; And remember each night to empty the bag of unnecessary items.&nbsp;&nbsp; Use these tips to help prevent forward head posture, back pain and other spinal issues.&nbsp; For more information, check out www. whitemudchiro.com, your local Edmonton chiropractor&rsquo;s website.<br /> The last few tips are how to wear your backpack.&nbsp; When putting the bag on your back, place it on a desk or table and place one arm through the strap, then the other, try not to twist or swing.&nbsp; Once it is on your back, use both straps, ensure they are tightened and the bag is close to the body.&nbsp;&nbsp; The bottom of the bag should be at the waist and not slung down over the buttocks.&nbsp;&nbsp; If you are unsure of how to wear your backpack, the chiropractors in south Edmonton at 780-430-7549 would be more than happy to help you out.<br /> Because the primary users of backpacks are growing children, it is important to create good habits early in life to help prevent future neck and back pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can check your child&rsquo;s spine and keep their spinal health in check.&nbsp; Book your spinal assessment today at 780-430-7549.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Keeping Healthy on the Road http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/7/31/keeping-healthy-on-the-road/ Thu, 31 Jul 2014 17:57:45 -0400<p>The long, lazy days of summer, the perfect time of year to hit the road.&nbsp; Road trips are a big part of summer, while they are enjoyable and memorable, they can be somewhat hazardous to your health.&nbsp; Before a big road trip, we often insure that our car is well maintained, tires full, oil changed, fluid levels up, but what about you and your body?&nbsp; Do you do anything to keep yourself healthy while on the road?&nbsp; Long days sitting can cause lower back pain, sciatica, headaches and much more.&nbsp; These can ruin a holiday, your Edmonton Chiropractor can help you with more tips.&nbsp; <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a></p> <p>One of the biggest problems with road trips, is the long days of sitting.&nbsp; Be sure to take lots of breaks, get out of the car and stretch.&nbsp; Sometimes it is the journey, not just the destination.&nbsp; There are many places along the way to stop, see the sights and stretch your legs.&nbsp; While in the car, watch your posture.&nbsp; Ensure that the seat is adjusted correctly for you, sit up tall and adjust the mirrors, as the drive goes on if you feel you need to move the review mirror down, it might be time for a break!&nbsp; Roll your shoulders, stretch your neck and realign your posture often.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor has items that can help keep your posture strong while sitting in the car, including pillows.&nbsp; Check them out at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Just because you are sitting in the car, doesn&rsquo;t mean that you need to just sit there.&nbsp; Squeeze and release your abs.&nbsp; Squeeze and release your quads, not only will this help engage your muscles, it will help keep the blood flowing, reducing the tired, lethargic feeling that we can often get at the end of a long day on the road.&nbsp; Bring resistance bands and keep up with your exercise routine.&nbsp; They are light, easy to pack and can turn a stretch break into a mini-workout.&nbsp; Your South Edmonton Chiropractor can show you exercises that you can do or you can even download a quick routine onto your smartphone.&nbsp; Keeping up with your exercise can help eliminate stiff shoulders, lower back pain and neck pain.</p> <p>Use these tricks to help keep your spine healthy and happy during your road trip!&nbsp; Don&rsquo;t forget to call your south side Edmonton Chiropractor for an adjustment to get your body back into shape! 780-430-7549.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p style=\"margin: 0in 0in 10pt;\"><span style=\"line-height: 115%; font-size: 12pt;\"><font color=\"#000000\" face=\"Calibri\">&nbsp;</font></span></p> Weekend Warrior Syndrome http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/7/2/weekend-warrior-syndrome/ Wed, 02 Jul 2014 15:21:57 -0400<p>It is Monday morning and your Edmonton chiropractor&rsquo;s phone is ringing off the hook.&nbsp; This is a common occurrence, especially this time of year.&nbsp; With summer&rsquo;s longer days, many of us tend to become very busy over weekend, doing things that we wouldn&rsquo;t normally do on a day to day basis.&nbsp; These things often include gardening all day, sports tournaments and runs.&nbsp; Many of us spend most of our day sitting behind a desk with very little activity, when the weekend rolls around, we are anxious to get outside and get involved, however, as we age, our bodies do not respond the way they use to, causing us injuries and pain, especially in the lower back and knees.&nbsp;<br /> One of the ways to avoid the Monday morning pain is to properly warm up.&nbsp; Jumping right into the activity can be hard on your body, taking the time to warm up the muscles and to stretch them after the activity can go a long way in preventing injuries.&nbsp;&nbsp; When stretching, ensure that you hold each stretch for at least 30 seconds and don&rsquo;t bounce.&nbsp; Another way to avoid the stiffness and lower back pain, is to take regular breaks, this is very effective for gardening.&nbsp; Do a section, then take a break and switch activities.&nbsp; Often it is the repetitive motion or stance that can cause the knee pain or lower back pain.&nbsp; Listen to your body, do not &ldquo;push through&rdquo; the pain, if you are starting to feel stiff or sore, change tasks.&nbsp; Don&rsquo;t forget to keep yourself hydrated! If you are looking for the best type of stretches for the type of activity that you are going to take part in, check with your South Edmonton Chiropractor at whitemudchiro.com.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> Another effective way is to start doing exercises throughout the week that help keep your core strong.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor offers classes that teach exercises that are designed specifically for your core.&nbsp; These exercises are usually easy and quick to do.&nbsp; Having a good strong core, helps you stabilize your body and can help prevent injuries and back pain.&nbsp; Call your Edmonton Chiropractor today at 780-430-7549 to learn more about these classes.<br /> Physical activity is excellent for the body and the mind, it is important however to ensure the physical activity doesn&rsquo;t do more harm than good.&nbsp; Use these tips to help keep your weekends busy and ensure that come Monday morning you are still feeling your best!&nbsp; For more information on Weekend Warrior or any other back and neck pain issues, call your South Edmonton Chiropractor today!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p> The Benefits of Orthotics http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/6/4/the-benefits-of-orthotics/ Wed, 04 Jun 2014 11:31:44 -0400<p>If you are a back pain sufferer, you have probably tried almost everything to help gain relief.&nbsp; Your south Edmonton Chiropractor can help relieve some of the pain with regular adjustments.&nbsp; Chiropractors will also look at the source of the back pain to help stop it all together.&nbsp; Often the source of the back pain, neck pain or even headaches, can start from the ground up &ndash; your feet.&nbsp;<br /> Issues that arise in the feet can often be reflected elsewhere in the body first.&nbsp; For example, collapsed arches or flat feet can be a common cause of knee pain or even back pain.&nbsp; Collapsed arches can occur from wearing high heels, ageing, weight gain or can be inherited.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Different leg lengths can cause a tilt in the pelvis, which can also lead to lower back pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can evaluate these conditions and help find relief.&nbsp; Call your chiropractic today to book your appointment to find out how they can help you.<br /> One of the ways we can relieve foot pain, which can relieve back pain, is custom orthotics.&nbsp; These are insoles that are biomechanically designed for your specific imbalance.&nbsp; Custom orthotics work similarly to glasses, they reduce the stress and strain on your body by bringing your feet back into alignment.&nbsp;&nbsp; While there are insoles that can be purchased at many drug stores, because everyone&rsquo;s feet are unique, these insoles may not provide the relief that you are looking for.&nbsp; Your south Edmonton chiropractor can look at your feet and create an orthotic just for you!&nbsp; Call today to find out how a custom orthotic can help relieve not only your foot pain, but back pain, neck pain and even headaches 780-430-7549.<br /> Your feet are the foundation of your body, they support you, they move you and yet we often abuse them.&nbsp; Walking or standing on hard surfaces all day, shove them into shoes that are too tight or too high, pound them on pavement for kilometers on a daily basis.&nbsp; We ignore foot pain to sacrifice looking good or to continue what we enjoy, hiking, walking around the city and much more.&nbsp; However, we should not ignore that pain, as it is the start of much more.&nbsp; If we treat our feet right, they will carry us through the rest of our days happy and pain free.&nbsp; For more information, ask your Edmonton chiropractor at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Building a Strong Foundation http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/4/30/building-a-strong-foundation/ Wed, 30 Apr 2014 18:13:55 -0400<p>With May being posture month, now is a great time to talk about how we can strengthen and improve our posture.&nbsp; Having a strong foundation is important in helping relieve and avoid back pain.&nbsp;&nbsp; So many injuries, especially in the lower back are due to having a weak posture, this is not uncommon in today&rsquo;s world.&nbsp; Most of our day is spent sitting, we sit on our way to work, sit for most of the day at work, come home and sit on the couch.&nbsp; Then the weekend comes and we want to be active and often push too hard, causing neck and back pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can help you, not only relieve this neck and back pain, your chiropractor can also teach you exercises to help strengthen your postural muscles to help prevent the injuries in the first place.&nbsp; Call your South Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549 to book your appointment today.<br /> Ensuring that your spine is inline with regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep your posture strong.&nbsp; Once your Edmonton chiropractor has aligned your spine, they can start to show you how to strengthen your posture with a variety of exercises.&nbsp; If you have had an injury, your South Edmonton Chiropractor can adapt the exercises to suit your needs, as you build a stronger foundation, your exercises will change and you will be able to hold your chiropractic adjustments longer.&nbsp; For more information, please check your Edmonton Chiropractor&rsquo;s website at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp;<br /> Strengthening your posture will not only relieve and prevent lower back pain, but it also help you live longer and look younger.&nbsp; As we age, we tend to start to slump, this is usually from our seditary lifestyle; however, by keeping our posture strong, we will appear to look younger as we stand up taller.&nbsp; A strong posture helps live longer, by ensuring that we are getting enough oxygen.&nbsp; If we have weak posture, our lungs cannot fill to capacity and our bodies do not function at their best.&nbsp; By standing up taller and stronger, our lungs can fill up completely and oxygen can be distributed throughout our body.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor offers posture classes, often included in your initial exam or for a very minimal cost.&nbsp; To find out more about these classes or how a chiropractor can help with your posture, please call your South Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.<br /> &nbsp;</p> Healthy Sleep Healthy Life http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/4/1/healthy-sleep-healthy-life/ Tue, 01 Apr 2014 10:44:31 -0400<p>As the longer summer days come upon us, sleep often takes a back seat to our busy lives.&nbsp; However, sleep is extremely important to not only our health, but our emotional well-being, brain power and of course our appearance.&nbsp; If you are someone who stays up late and gets up early, here are a few reasons why you might want to get that extra hour of sleep.<br /> Sleep is the body and the brain&rsquo;s time to repair itself.&nbsp; Dreaming is often your brain&rsquo;s way to figure out everything that happened throughout the day and to solve any problems that may have arose.&nbsp; This is why when making an important decision, it is often said to sleep on it.&nbsp; Being sleep deprived can decrease creativity, concentration, coordination, and memory.&nbsp; Your Southside Edmonton Chiropractor&nbsp; can give you more information on sleep and how it can help you and your brain.<br /> Because sleep is the body&rsquo;s time to repair, not getting enough sleep can cause inflammation.&nbsp; Increased inflammation can lead to many different health issues, including heart disease, neck and back pain, stroke, diabetes and general discomfort.&nbsp; Inflammation has also been linked to shorter life spans as well, so getting a good night&rsquo;s sleep can help increase your life!&nbsp; For more information on inflammation and sleep, call your South Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.<br /> Not getting enough sleep can also affect your weight.&nbsp; When we don&rsquo;t sleep enough, we start to crave high sugary treats for energy, this can be hazardous to our waistlines.&nbsp; The other thing that happens with sleep loss is our hormones are greatly affected.&nbsp; If we are not sleeping enough, the hormones that let our bodies know that we are full and to stop eating, are not produced enough, causing us to overeat.&nbsp; Because chiropractors help ensure the nervous system is functioning optimally, getting regular chiropractic adjustments along with regular sleep can help keep your waistline trim.&nbsp; For more information, check out your South Side Edmonton Chiropractor, they can have more information on how to get more energy naturally and weight loss.<br /> Sleep is a wonderful thing and can help you function at your best in so many ways.&nbsp; If you are having trouble sleeping due to neck or back pain, stress or any other reason, book an appointment with your South Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549 to help you get a restful night&rsquo;s sleep and live a healthy lifestyle.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p> The Importance of Minerals http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/2/27/the-importance-of-minerals/ Thu, 27 Feb 2014 20:14:06 -0500<p>Minerals are vital in body; they are the sparkplugs of life, the catalysts of all reactions in our bodies.&nbsp; We cannot produce minerals on our own and must obtain them through our food.&nbsp; Most minerals come from vegetables.&nbsp; As the vegetables are growing, they absorb the minerals from the soil, when we eat these vegetables, we absorb the minerals.&nbsp; However because of over farming, often the soil is lacking in minerals, meaning we become mineral deficient.&nbsp; For this reason it is important for us to be taking a quality multi-vitamin or mineral supplement.&nbsp; For more information on which mineral supplement is best for you, call your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.<br /> Because there are so many different minerals, being mineral deficient can have many different symptoms.&nbsp; A group of minerals known as electrolytes are responsible for the nerve impulses and muscle contractions.&nbsp; They create electrical impulses that let cells in our body send messages back and forth to one another &ndash; through this you can perform all the &ldquo;bioelectrical&rdquo; functions, such as thinking, moving and seeing.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor also ensures that your nervous system is functioning at its best, as your nervous system controls all of your systems.&nbsp; To ensure your nervous system is working at its best, check with your Edmonton Chiropractor, they will be able to ensure you have all the minerals you need and that your spine is in line.&nbsp;<br /> There are so many other functions of minerals in the body.&nbsp; Including building bones, maintaining pH balance, helping your muscles contract and relax, regulate tissue growth and providing structural support for the body.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Often we can find ourselves feeling achy or have muscle cramps; this can be due to a lack of magnesium in the body.&nbsp; Hormone imbalance can also be related to a mineral deficiency.&nbsp; For more information on minerals and how they are used in the body, check out our website at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a> and visit your Edmonton chiropractor!<br /> &nbsp;</p> The Heart and Chiropractic http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2014/2/3/the-heart-and-chiropractic/ Mon, 03 Feb 2014 14:25:01 -0500<p>It is February, Heart Month.&nbsp; There are many different things that can affect the heart from high blood pressure, emotional stress and heartburn.&nbsp; Luckily your Edmonton chiropractor can help with these plus more.&nbsp; One of the biggest things that can affect our heart health is poor posture.&nbsp; Slumped over posture does not allow your lungs to fill with oxygen or ventilate the blood completely.&nbsp; Forward head posture can also have an adverse effect on the oxygenation of the blood.&nbsp; Poor blood oxygenation can lead to a variety of health issues including a shortness of breath which can lead to blood and heart disease.&nbsp; Regular adjustments from your Edmonton chiropractor can help increase posture, which will help your heart health.&nbsp; Book your appointment at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Stress can also contribute to heart health.&nbsp; We all have stress in our lives, from paying bills, to traffic jams, to deadlines.&nbsp; It is how we manage our stress that can make the difference.&nbsp; Regular chiropractic adjustments can help you and your nervous system manage stress in a healthier way so it does not lead to harmful effects such as high blood pressure, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches and variety of other issues.&nbsp; You Edmonton Chiropractor can not only adjust your spine to help keep your nervous system healthy, but they can also give you lifestyle tips to help you relieve your stress in the first place.&nbsp; For more information check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>Poor posture and stress can also contribute to another heart ailment, heartburn.&nbsp; Many people suffer from heartburn on a daily basis.&nbsp; A hunched over posture does not allow the digestive system to function at its best, this can contribute to many digestive issues, including heartburn.&nbsp; Regular spinal care can not only improve your posture, it can also ensure that your nervous system is functioning at its best, which control all other systems including your digestion.&nbsp; For more information call your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>As you can see there are many ways that your Edmonton chiropractor can help you, your heart and all of your loved ones.&nbsp; This February why not give the gift of health to your Valentine.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor is always accepting new patients.&nbsp; Call them today 780-430-7549.</p> New Year New You - Benefits of Detoxes http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/12/30/new-year-new-you-benefits-of-detoxes/ Mon, 30 Dec 2013 17:23:57 -0500<p>Ah a new year, a chance to start fresh and new.&nbsp; The busyness of the holidays is behind us and now we can focus on ourselves, getting ourselves back into a healthy routine.&nbsp; This is a great time of year to do a detox.&nbsp; There are many different levels of detoxes available to you, from gentle, simple detoxes where you just add a few drops of solution to your daily water to much more intense detoxes, where you change your diet and lifestyle to rid your body of toxins.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can help you decide which detox would best suit you, at 780-430-7549.<br /> Not sure if you need to detox?&nbsp; Here are a few signs that a detoxification is needed: unexplained headaches or back pain, memory failing, brittle nails and hair, frequent allergies, exposure to cleansing solvents, pesticides, diuretics and certain drugs.&nbsp; During detoxification liver, kidney and blood purification occurs &ndash; this cannot happen during our regular eating habits.&nbsp; Other advantages of doing a detox are: a strong immune system, a more balanced hormone system and the dependency on sugar, caffeine, nicotine and alcohol can be reduced.&nbsp; For more information on the advantages of a detox program, check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.<br /> Simple things that you can do to start your detox, include eliminating refined sugars, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes and saturated fats; all of which act as toxins in the body and can block the healing process. Also start looking at the products in your home, many of the cleaning products we use can be quite toxic and there are lots of &ldquo;cleaner&rdquo; alternatives that work just as well, if not better.&nbsp; You can also dry-brush, use a tongue scrapper, drink lots of water, take Epsom salt baths and sweat &ndash; using a sauna or yoga.&nbsp;&nbsp; All of these can be done in combination with a detox kit, available from your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.<br /> While doing your detox, don&rsquo;t forget about your chiropractic care and massage.&nbsp; Both of these treatments can assist with your detox program and can help you and your body keep the effects of the detox longer.&nbsp; Chiropractic adjustments keep the nervous system functioning at its best, this ensures all organs are functioning properly, including the liver, kidneys, intestine, lungs and skin to help rid the body of toxins.&nbsp; Massage therapy works on increasing the blood and lymph flow in the body to help keep the toxins from building up in your body.&nbsp; Book your appointment with your Edmonton Chiropractic and Massage clinic today at 780-430-7549.<br /> For more information check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a><br /> &nbsp;</p> Winter Weight Loss http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/11/28/winter-weight-loss/ Thu, 28 Nov 2013 19:05:14 -0500<p>As the colder, winter months come upon us, we tend to be less active, eat foods higher in fat and wear more clothing so we don&rsquo;t notice the weight that we start to pack on.&nbsp;&nbsp; Not only can that extra weight make us feel unattractive and want to hide under our bulky sweaters, it can also have adverse effects on our health.&nbsp;&nbsp; Just a small amount of weight gain can start to affect our hearts, blood pressure, blood sugars, not to mention our well-being and self-confidence.&nbsp; Having to carry around that additional weight can also start to cause lower back pain or knee pain.&nbsp; By not allowing that extra winter weight to sneak up on you or losing any extra weight that may have built up over the years can have great benefits on your health.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor has many different options to help you stay active and healthy this winter, to learn more <u><strong>call 780-430-7549</strong></u>.</p> <p><br /> Winter is an excellent time to get outside and be active.&nbsp; There are lots of fun and exciting winter sports for all ages and ability levels.&nbsp; From snowboarding and skiing to ice skating and snowshoeing even making snow angels and snowmen, there options are endless.&nbsp; By staying active this winter, you can help keep that winter weight off.&nbsp; Regular visits to your South Edmonton Chiropractor can keep your spine align so you can enjoy all those activities without knee or back pain.&nbsp; Your Chiropractor can also help you recover if some of the activities were a little too extreme for you.&nbsp; Be sure to book in today by calling 780-430-7549.</p> <p><br /> Diet is a great way to help keep those winter pounds at bay.&nbsp; In the cooler months we often crave foods higher in fat and sugar and there always seems to be lots of it to be found.&nbsp; Before parties, eat a healthy dinner, this will help make it easier to avoid those tempting treats or at least keep you from eating too many.&nbsp; Engage in lively conversation, when we are talking and having fun, we tend to eat less and enjoy ourselves more.&nbsp; Opt for sparkling water over the high caloric alcohol drinks, alternate between the two.&nbsp; This will help keep that winter weight off and to feel better the next day.&nbsp;</p> <p>For more tips on how to keep your diet healthy throughout the year, check out your Edmonton Chiropractor&rsquo;s website at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a> The most important thing about winter is to enjoy it!&nbsp; It happens every year, so why not get outside and enjoy the beauty of the season.&nbsp; And by staying healthy and fit throughout the winter, getting away for a beach vacation is a lot more fun when you feel great in your bathing suit!&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p> <h3 style=\"text-align: center\"><span style=\"font-size: 14px\">We are located in South Edmonton, AB and serve the Southeast Edmonton, Southwest Edmonton, and Sherwood Park sectors.&nbsp; Also a short drive for Leduc, Nisku, Beaumont and Devon residents.</span></h3> Winter Hazards http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/10/31/winter-hazards/ Thu, 31 Oct 2013 18:49:03 -0400<p>As the days are shortening and the weather cooling, soon snow will be falling.&nbsp; While it is a beautiful time of year, the dropping temperature can cause our sidewalks and roads to become quite slippery and treacherous.&nbsp; This time of year can be a very dangerous time for our backs, from car accidents to falls on the ice to shovelling snow; your Edmonton chiropractor can not only relieve the neck and back pain that is caused by these incidents, but they can also help you avoid the pain.&nbsp; For more information on how to prevent these accidents, contact your South Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Slippery sidewalks are unfortunately a part of living in a northern climate, these can cause falls that can cause neck pain and back pain.&nbsp; After a fall, your Leduc Chiropractor can help ease some of the pain that is caused during the fall.&nbsp; Even better, though your Leduc Chiropractor can show you some exercises that can help increase your balance.&nbsp; By increasing your balance, you are less likely to fall.&nbsp; Chiropractic adjustments can also improve your balance by ensuring that your spine is aligned.&nbsp; To book your chiropractic appointment, call 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Snow, in order to prevent slippery sidewalks, many of us are out there shovelling our sidewalks.&nbsp; Shovelling snow can cause back pain, both lower back pain and upper back pain.&nbsp; If this has happened to you, your Edmonton Chiropractor and Massage can help relieve this pain with helpful combinations of chiropractic adjustments to re-align the spine and massage therapy to relieve those tight muscles.&nbsp; To book call 780-430-7549.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can also keep your back aligned and show you exercises to strengthen those muscles needed to shovel snow to help prevent the back pain.&nbsp; To learn more about these exercises, check <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>The one thing chiropractic cannot prevent, but can definitely help is car accidents.&nbsp; Winter driving conditions are not always the most ideal and accidents can happen.&nbsp; If you have been involved in a car accident, your South Edmonton Chiropractor and Massage can help relieve the neck pain, back pain, headaches and any other pain that may have been caused by the accident.&nbsp; Chiropractic adjustments and massage work very well together to help get you back to feeling yourself after your accident. If you are looking to relieve the pain caused by an accident, call your South Edmonton Chiropractor and Massage at 780-430-7549 to learn more about how they can help you during this time.</p> <p>Winter can be a beautiful time of year, with the help of your Edmonton Chiropractor and Massage; you can enjoy all the beauty it has to offer instead of the hazards.&nbsp; Call us at 780-430-7549 or check us out at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a> for more information.&nbsp;</p> Benefits of Massage and Chiropractic http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/9/24/benefits-of-massage-and-chiropractic/ Tue, 24 Sep 2013 18:20:17 -0400<p>Whether you are seeking a chiropractor for neck pain, back pain, headaches, a new injury or a long standing issue, you probably were referred to a massage therapist to help relieve your pain.&nbsp; Your south side Edmonton Chiropractor has massage therapists in the clinic that they work with, which is common among many chiropractic clinics.&nbsp; This is because, while chiropractors work with the hard tissue and massage therapists work with the soft tissue, they are both very complimentary to each other.</p> <p>Chiropractors work on restoring the mind-body connection by removing the nerve interference and allowing the body to heal itself.&nbsp; Often with the bones out of place, the muscles and tendons have become quite tight and rigid.&nbsp; Massage can help soften these muscles allowing for the new aliment to conform to the body quicker than on its own.&nbsp; Massage can also increase circulation which can speed healing and recovery. Your south Edmonton chiropractic and massage clinic offers both massage and chiropractic in the same building, making it easy for you to receive the relief you are looking for.&nbsp; Call for an appointment today 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Combining massage and chiropractic care can also be quite beneficial as having a massage before your adjustment can loosen the muscles, thus increasing the effectiveness of the chiropractic adjustment.&nbsp; A massage can release tight muscles, inducing a sense of calm and relaxation that can last well after your massage, often a welcome feeling for those who have been suffering from headaches, back aches, neck pain or any other type of pain. Often those that have been suffering from these ailments may also not be sleeping.&nbsp; Massage can help not only sleep disorders, but diabetes, surgical recovery, chronic neck and back pain and so much more.&nbsp; Talk to your south side Edmonton Chiropractor about how massage can help benefit or check out our website at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>The increased benefits of seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist at the same clinic like at your south side Edmonton Chiropractic and Massage Clinic, is the practitioner can talk to each other regarding your unique health concerns.&nbsp; Together they can develop a treatment plan that will increase your healing and get you back to your active life quickly.&nbsp; Call your Edmonton Chiropractor today at 780-430-7549.</p> Children and Chiropractic http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/8/22/children-and-chiropractic/ Thu, 22 Aug 2013 13:56:55 -0400<p>Children and Chiropractic</p> <p>&ldquo;As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.&rdquo;&nbsp; While many of us see a chiropractor regularly for a variety of reasons from neck and back pain, headaches and digestive issues, we often forget about our children.&nbsp; As adults, we are aware of our stresses, falls and aches and pains, we tend to think that children just bounce back and have little to no stress, yet often the problems we experience as adults, started when we were children.&nbsp; For more information on children and chiropractic, contact your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>In addition to helping prevent future neck and back pain, chiropractic for children can help with a variety of common childhood ailments.&nbsp; The nervous system is the master system of the body, it controls all other systems, if there is a blockage in the information pathway, the body cannot function at its best and symptoms arise. Imagine the nervous system is the lighting system of your home; it is difficult to do anything in the dark, without the lights turned on.&nbsp; Chiropractic can help turn on the lights, making it easier for your body to function.&nbsp; For more information on how to &ldquo;turn on&rdquo; the lights, contact your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>There are many things chiropractic can help in children, below is a list of the top ten reasons parents take their children to see a chiropractor:<br /> 1. To encourage good brain and nerve development<br /> 2. To support their child&rsquo;s overall health and wellbeing.<br /> 3. To help strengthen their child&rsquo;s immunity and potentially reduce the incidence of colds, ear-aches and general illness.<br /> 4. To assist with colic and Irritable Baby Syndrome.<br /> 5. To help with asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies<br /> 6. To encourage good spinal posture<br /> 7. To help improve their child&rsquo;s ability to concentrate<br /> 8. To assist with behavioural disorders<br /> 9. To help alleviate digestive problems<br /> 10. To assist with bed-wetting and sleep issues.<br /> For more information on these and any other ailments, please check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>Next time you are booking yourself a chiropractic appointment; don&rsquo;t forget about the children in your life.&nbsp; Chiropractors can adjust anyone from newborns, all the way to seniors. Ensuring the nervous system is functioning at its best, is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing, why wouldn&rsquo;t want that for your children?&nbsp; To book your children for a chiropractic appointment, please contact your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> Magnificent Magnesium http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/7/26/magnificent-magnesium/ Fri, 26 Jul 2013 12:30:51 -0400<p>Often we don&rsquo;t think about how different minerals can affect our bodies. We know that we need certain minerals, which is why we take our multi-vitamins and eat our fruits and vegetables.&nbsp; But what do these minerals do for us?&nbsp; Magnesium is ranked as the 4th highest macro-minerals in our bodies.&nbsp; It has many multi-tasking properties as it aligns itself with other nutrients to help them complete their functions.&nbsp; Ensuring that you have enough magnesium can help ensure a healthy heart, strong immune system, relieve muscle aches and pain, migraine relief and so much more.&nbsp; For information on the benefits of magnesium please contact your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Many of the reasons people visit their Edmonton chiropractor is for the aches, pains and muscle spasms we sometimes experience.&nbsp; Along with regular adjustments, magnesium can help relieve these issues.&nbsp; When calcium levels are too high in the body, it can build in the muscles and joints causing pain.&nbsp; One of magnesium&rsquo;s jobs in the body is to calm and relax the cells.&nbsp; It relaxes the muscles by driving out the excess calcium, thus reducing the pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can give you more information on magnesium.&nbsp; Contact them at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>Migraines are another common ailment seen by your Edmonton chiropractor.&nbsp; Any who has suffered from a migraine knows the pain and discomfort they can cause.&nbsp; While the causes of migraines are still unknown, the pain is sometimes caused by a drastic change in the blood vessels which can cause a change in blood and oxygen flow to the brain.&nbsp; Because magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant, it can help relieve the pain of migraines.&nbsp; For more information on migraine relief and magnesium, please contact your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Back pain, headaches and stress can be the cause of or can be caused by insomnia.&nbsp; Ensuring the body has enough magnesium can help reduce insomnia.&nbsp; The theory behind a warm glass of milk works because milk has tryptophan, a precursor to melatonin, the hormone that tells our brain that it is time to sleep.&nbsp; Calcium increases the body&rsquo;s ability to take up tryptophan, however if magnesium is deficit, calcium can accumulate causing sleeplessness and muscle pain. Magnesium and calcium work together in the body.&nbsp; For more information on any of these conditions how magnesium can work for you call your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549 or check out the website <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> Healthy Tips for Travel this Summer http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/6/20/healthy-tips-for-travel-this-summer/ Thu, 20 Jun 2013 11:19:26 -0400<p>Ah summer, long weekends, camping, road trips, holidays and travel.&nbsp; Summer is a great time of year; however, often our schedules are disrupted, exercise routines abandon, healthy eating habits disregarded and sleep patterns change.&nbsp; All of this can lead to not feeling as well as you could, headaches, back pain, summer colds, just to name a few things.&nbsp;&nbsp; So what are some things you can do to help keep ourselves healthy so we can enjoy our summers, whether you are jetting off to Europe or staying close to home, your Edmonton chiropractor can help you get the most out of your summer holidays.&nbsp; For more information, check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>One of the most important things you can do is to keep yourself hydrated.&nbsp; In the warm summer months, our bodies are losing more water than in the winter.&nbsp; In addition to this, air conditioning and dry air in planes can also leave us feeling parched.&nbsp; Drinking water can help reduce headaches and fatigue.&nbsp; Be sure that if you are travelling that you drink only bottled filtered water to avoid contamination.&nbsp; For more information on hydration, contact your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Take care of your feet.&nbsp; Often holidays involve being on your feet a lot more than you are use to, whether it is hiking in the mountains, sightseeing in the cities or just at any of the local festivals.&nbsp; Nothing can ruin your day more than sore feet.&nbsp; Be sure to wear sturdy comfortable shoes, poor footwear can not only lead to sore feet, but can also lead to knee pain and back pain.&nbsp; For more information on footwear, check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp; Your Edmonton chiropractor can also recommend orthotics, to help give your feet a break and help prevent knee and back pain.&nbsp; To book your appointment for orthotics, call us at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>Probably the best thing you can do to stay healthy this summer is to keep up with your spinal health.&nbsp; Regular visits to your Edmonton Chiropractor can help keep your spine in line.&nbsp; Summer travel often includes sleeping in different beds, lugging heavy bags or sitting for long periods of time while in the car, plane or train.&nbsp; All of these can lead to headaches, neck pain or back pain.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can help relieve all of these pains and keeping up with your regular routine can help prevent them before they start!&nbsp; For more information on how to keep your spine healthy, check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a> and call 780-430-7549 to book your chiropractic appointment today.</p> Water water water http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/6/5/water-water-water/ Wed, 05 Jun 2013 10:53:14 -0400<p>Water is a wonderful thing yet often it is overlooked.&nbsp; Staying well hydrated can help a variety of things including looking younger, aiding in weight loss, better digestion and reduction in muscle cramps.&nbsp; Our bodies are made up of 60-70% water; we can lose up to 2 litres of water per day through breathing, sweating and excretion, even more if we exercise or during warmer months.&nbsp; It is very important for our health to stay hydrated.&nbsp; For more information on health call your Edmonton Chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Headaches and migraines can be caused by dehydration.&nbsp; If you are a suffering of headaches and migraines, increasing your water intake can help give you relief from these ailments.&nbsp; Along with drinking water, chiropractic adjustments can help relieve the pain of migraines.&nbsp; The combination of keeping regularly hydrated and getting regular chiropractic adjustments can have you living pain-free!&nbsp; For more information on hydration or chiropractic adjustments, contact us at 780-430-7549 or <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp; See your Edmonton Chiropractor today!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Water is important in our bodies to help distribute nutrients throughout the body.&nbsp; It also helps cleanse the body of toxins.&nbsp; Not having enough water can lead to a groggy, tired feeling, it can also lead to sore, achy muscles.&nbsp; It is important to drink water throughout the day, not just when you are thirsty as being thirsty is a sign of dehydration already.&nbsp; Drinking enough water can also help maintain optimal weight or achieve weight loss.&nbsp; For more information check out <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>At birth, intervertebral discs are 80% water usually this declines with age.&nbsp; However, by staying hydrated, we can keep these discs nourished and healthy.&nbsp; Many people see a chiropractor for back pain.&nbsp; Adjustments can relieve lower, upper and middle back pain.&nbsp; Keeping hydrated can help your body &ldquo;hold&rdquo; these adjustments, as water is nourishing the discs and keeping them fluid.&nbsp; This can also be true for your joints.&nbsp; By consuming enough water, your joints can stay strong, healthy and lubricated. Drinking water and regular adjustments can help you live a long and healthy life.&nbsp; For more information, call your Edmonton chiropractor at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Drinking water can make you smarter!&nbsp; Having a well-hydrated body ensures that your brain is getting all the oxygen it needs; this can help improve your cognitive function by 30%.&nbsp; Water also helps support nerve function.&nbsp; It ensures that your body&rsquo;s electrolyte levels remain high enough to allow your nerves to relay messages to and from the brain in the way they were meant to.&nbsp; Chiropractic adjustments also ensure your nervous system is functioning optimally.&nbsp; Chiropractic and water can keep your nervous system at its best, so you are at your best.&nbsp; Contact your Edmonton chiropractor today at 780-430-7549 or <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Benefits of a Strong Posture http://www.whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/blog/whitemud-blog/2013/4/29/benefits-of-a-strong-posture/ Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:31:41 -0400<p align=\"center\">Benefits of a Strong Posture</p> <p align=\"center\">By Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors</p> <p align=\"center\">&nbsp;</p> <p>May is posture month.&nbsp; A good strong posture can be very beneficial for not only your physical health, but your mental health as well.&nbsp; Standing up straight can make you look years younger, ten pounds lighter and just make you feel better about yourself.&nbsp; In addition to looking great, you can relieve back pain, neck pain and headaches.&nbsp; For more information on back pain relief, contact Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors at 780-430-7549.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>In today&rsquo;s society we spend a lot of our time sitting.&nbsp; We are sitting on our way to work, all day at work, then sit when we get home.&nbsp; This sitting causes us to start to become curled forward.&nbsp; Our shoulders tend to round, head can be forward.&nbsp; This leads to back pain, neck pain and headaches.&nbsp; In addition, as we start to round forward, we start to look older and our energy can even lower.&nbsp; By learning to strengthen our posture, we can start to correct this.&nbsp; The first step is being aware of how you are sitting and standing.&nbsp; Be sure that you aren&rsquo;t slumping, your shoulders are back and your ears are in line with your shoulders.&nbsp; As you become more aware of your posture, you may want to do more.&nbsp; Your Edmonton Chiropractor can show you more things you can do to help increase your posture.&nbsp; For more information, check us out at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Strengthening your posture can increase your ability to breath.&nbsp; If you are slumped over, it can collapse your rib cage, not allowing your lungs to fill to capacity, thus decreasing your ability to breath.&nbsp; This can also lead to back pain as it is putting pressure on your spinal cord, not allowing your body to communicate properly with your brain. &nbsp;Ensuring that you are breathing from your abdomen and not your chest can strength your posture, often we are taking shallow breaths, this weakens our posture as it tighten the chest muscles and rounding the shoulders.&nbsp; Taking a good deep belly breath, can reduce stress and increase your postural muscles. &nbsp;Your Edmonton chiropractor can help increase your posture with regular adjustments and they can teach you a few simple exercises you can do at home.&nbsp; For more information on those exercises, check out our website at <a href=\"https://whitemudcrossingchiropractors.com/\">www.whitemudchiro.com</a>.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors also offer bi-monthly posture classes.&nbsp; At these classes you will learn simple exercises with and without equipment that can increase the strength of your posture.&nbsp; By taking one or more of the posture classes you can reduce back pain, neck pain and headaches, along with standing up straighter, feeling more confident, looking slimmer and younger and taller.&nbsp; Check out our classes by calling us at 780-430-7549.</p>